Public Kick-off Meeting on February 27th

Updated: Mar 16

Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend the Kick-off Meeting and provide your feedback! Your input is very important to the outcome of this study.

The Peachtree City LCI Public Kick-off Meeting took place on Thursday, February 27th, at 6:00 PM at City Hall with more than 60 attendees! The City introduced the project and LCI Program, then the consultant team gave a brief presentation to prepare attendees for the feedback activities. The presentation included a description of the planning process, summary of previous plans, details about the preliminary market study findings, a review of the GDOT video for the 54/74 intersection, a summary of feedback heard so far, and an overview of the draft LCI goals.

We had more than 60 people attend the Kick-off!

After the presentation, meeting attendees participated in activities around the room. These activities included:

  • LCI Study Goals - 5 draft goals for the LCI, created based on feedback from the Core Team and stakeholder interviews, were displayed. Participants indicated if they agreed with the goal with a green dot. See the results in the picture below.

  • Storytelling - Participants could use customized stickers on a map to indicate places they love, where they live, safety concerns, great ideas, places that should be considered for redevelopment, where village centers could be, events of historical significance, and places that spark a memory. Cards with their specific ideas could also be placed in the map.

  • Journey Mapping - Color-coded cards indicated how people travel between home and their destinations (car, golf cart, walking, biking, bus, other), how they'd prefer to reach their destinations in the future, what they'd like to see along the way, and how they imagine others may want to travel.

  • Village Centers - Boards indicated how Villages and Village Centers were defined in Peachtree City's past. Participants could provide ideas for how they should be defined today.

Don't forget to take the survey!

The survey will be available until the Design Workshop! Please take it, and encourage your neighbors, family, and friends to do the same! Feedback from the survey and Kick-off Meeting will help define our preliminary recommendations, which will be on display at the Design Workshop, which will be rescheduled soon. Please stay tuned for new details!

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