Core Team Video Meeting | April 6, 2020

The consultant team and City met with the LCI Core Team, virtually, on Monday evening, April 6th, 2020. This meeting was originally intended to be an in-person meeting, open to the public, but due to the need to stay at home during this pandemic, it was changed to a ZOOM video conference. We recognize that it can be difficult to think about 10-20 years into the future when none of us know what will happen 6 weeks from now and have many immediate concerns. Because of this reality, we greatly appreciate the time the Core Team gave to us last night to keep momentum in this exciting planning process.

We recorded the entire meeting on ZOOM, and you can view that video and see the PDF of the presentation slides here.

Based on feedback at the Kick-off Meeting, our first Core Team meeting, and stakeholder interviews, 5 goals and associated principles were created to guide the planning and design decisions.

These are the 5 goals for the LCI planning study:

  1. Define "walkable villages" for Peachtree City.

  2. Create local street and path connections to provide alternatives to Highway 54.

  3. Encourage the creation of a mix of housing options.

  4. Use potential redevelopment areas as locations for multimodal village-scale redevelopment with a mix of uses.

  5. Provide usable civic space and encourage regular programming.

The presentation slides show two DRAFT concept plan alternatives for Westpark Office Park, the area around City Hall, and the properties along Huddleston Road. The concept plans are based on community feedback and the market study. These are the first draft, and they were shared with the Core Team for immediate reactions. The consultant team will revise these concept plans based on their feedback before the forthcoming Public Design Workshop (date to be determined based on COVID-19 conditions), where we will receive additional feedback to create the draft final recommendations. A few important items to note about the plans:

  • These are ideas and will be revised before the final report multiple times based on public feedback and financial feasibility via pro formas.

  • The ideas are for a minimum of 10 years from now.

  • Not all of the redevelopment sites will redevelop in the next 10 years, but progress could be made on 1 or 2 of them.

Take a look at the presentation and please stay tuned for more updates regarding the input process. If you haven't taken the survey yet, we still want to hear from you! It is open until May 28th. Pass it along to your neighbors, friends, and families!


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