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Thank you to all who participated in our online input activities!

What is a Livable Centers Initiative (LCI)?

The City of Peachtree City, Georgia, has hired a planning team to prepare a major update to the Peachtree City Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) study. The City's original LCI plan was done in 2001, and a lot has changed in the study area since that time. An update is needed! LCI plans produce land use, transportation, and economic development recommendations to improve the usability of the study area. Public input is vital to the success of the recommendations.


The overall intent of the LCI plan must remain consistent with the Atlanta Regional Commission's (ARC) LCI program goals. 

Click here to see ARC's video about the LCI program's success over the last 2 decades

The study area is centered around the intersection of Highways 54 and 74, extending east to Lake Peachtree, south to Paschall Road, west to the County line, and north to Aberdeen Parkway.

This LCI plan will:

  • Be based on public input (lots of opportunities to share your thoughts to come!)

  • Establish a community vision and goals for the LCI study area

  • Create policies and programs to help accomplish the vision

  • Identify key redevelopment sites

  • Create guidance for redevelopment type, size, and character in the study area

  • Develop an implementation plan

  • Recommend updates to the zoning regulations in the study area

Check out our blog to see what we've heard so far.

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